Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Dreaming of Nick Saban

On Sunday night & early Monday morning, I dreamed of Nick Saban. I thought you all might enjoy laughing at me. The following are posts from an internet forum on BamaOnLine.

Enjoy :)

My name is feetwasher, and I have a man-crush on Nick Saban. Last night, he was in my dreams.

Nick Saban
He's So Dreamy (G)
I dreamed that I went over to his house with a buddy of mine. I was in awe of his place as soon as I walked in the door. We went through several rooms before we were shown by his wife into his den. He was reclining there while watching tape of a recent Iron Bowl game. We started a little shop talk, and it wasn't long before I said something that got him riled up (I don't know what it was). I tried to stand my ground with him intellectually. Finally, at an impasse, he realized that there was only one way for us to settle this. So we went to another room, he turned on the Xbox 360, and handed me a controller.

Strangely, neither of us chose Alabama as the team we would play with. One of us was Jax St., and the other was San Jose St. On the first play from scrimmage, I ran that QB handoff/keeper-option out of the 4-wide spread formation. It went 65 yards or so for a touchdown. All of a sudden the dream went into another direction... I don't remember anything else about the game.

The other thing I remember about the dream was that there was this pesky black bear that kept coming & terrorizing us at the house. We began spending some time in the back yard, and I had a scoped rifle. Every once in a while, that bear would begin to creep toward the house & I would take some shots at him. Never really delivering a death blow, he would retreat for a while. This continued off & on...

Alright, that's what I remember. I'm on your couch. What say you about me?

(Posted by: bamaman18)

You like Saban and the direction of the program under his leadership. But... you are concerned, subconsciously, that Saban might leave Alabama, and what this will do to your faith in the program if that happens. The Bear represents the NCAA and your ongoing concern that we will be slapped with sanctions again, and this time it could be worse. As bad as you want them to go away, they never seem to totally leave.

I'll send you my invoice...........

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(Posted by: 86bamagrad)

There will be seven years of bumper crops, followed by seven years of famine...wait, that was a different dream.

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(Posted by: ME)

bamaman18, I posted this partly out of jest & partly out of genuine interest. I just did a Yahoo! search on bears in dreams, but the information provided there did little to help me understand what that portion of my dream means. I'm curious about what that could be. Perhaps it is representative of something external related to the Alabama football program -- the NCAA, the mainstream media, or Bear Bryant. Or perhaps it could be represntative of something internal -- personal anxiety, fear, or even a season of healing (e.g. I'm fighting to keep a terrorizing force at bay in my personal life...). Don't suppose I want to get too personal on a public internet forum. Anyway, any insight you have to share would be welcomed.

(Posted by: TheHit86)

I think you have special "man feelings" about Saban but you still think no man is your intellectual superior. However, you cannot in good conscience claim to be more intelligent than your "man crush" so you basically come out of the dream calling it a draw.

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