Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Confessions of a Hypocrite Continued

A college chum, Nick Faris (I like to call him "Bueller" ... get it??), wrote an interesting little piece a little over a week ago called Confessions of a Hypocrite. I've had some similar reflections of my own recently.

• I don't have delusions of grandeur. I recognize that I have a small role in God's grand design. I think that I could say I'm a relatively humble person.
• I rarely find myself in a situation where I feel less intelligent than someone around me.

• I feel like I'm a generous person
• I rarely open up my balled-up, white-knuckled fist without extensively counting the cost. I rate waiters & waitresses on a host of effort-oriented issues before deciding how much I'm going to leave for a tip. And I have an impeccable memory in terms of recalling the number of times I have picked up the tab.

• I think that NASCAR & other motor sports are an incredible waste of natural resources.
• I drive a gas-guzzling pick-up truck.

• I take preaching very seriously & pour a lot of effort into each sermon. There is little that is as important to me as my preaching.
• Mere hours after a service, I have to strain to recall what I preached about.

• It drives me nuts when my sister leaves a mess on her side of the living room.
• My side of the living room is a mess.

• I hate cleaning up. It's just such a hassle, and it's going to be a mess again anyways, so what's the point?
• After cleaning, I often think to myself, "Wow. It's clean. This is pretty awesome."

• I enjoy parking at the very back of the parking lot. I get to stretch my legs a little more & slow down the pace of life a little bit.
• I'm secretly envious of everyone with a better parking spot than I have.

• I don't at all like it when people try to put others down for how they decide to cast their vote. Whether people vote by ideology, by party affiliation, by stance on a certain issue or group of issues, or by what they think of a candidate's character & qualification, that is every person's personal decision. There are some people who demean others if they don't vote in the same way they do for the exact same reasons they do, and I think that's wrong.
• I think everyone should think the same way I do.

• I write my blog more for myself, not others. It is a way for me to exercise my mind and my writing skills (that's right -- according to my buddy Matthew, I've got skillz), which in turn makes my preaching better.
• I want people to read my blog & pay attention to me.


Adam Gonnerman said...

This is a good idea for a post. I'm going to think about doing one for my blog.

bluesky said...

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Jordan said...

If you look at you first real post on this blog, you will see "But for the most part, I'm willing to admit my ignorance." So you were willing from the get go to strive for point #1.

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