Monday, July 14, 2008

The Deuce

A Video Ode to one of the most under-rated players in college football history: the great David Palmer. This guy was Houdini with a football in his hands.

The highlight starting at 1:08 is never ceases to drop my jaw...


Dan said...

Nice highlights! I guess he went on to have a nice career as the President on 24 after college?

Regarding an earlier post, Peter Gammons reported that the Braves apparently offered Tex for Youk, plus Craig Hansen.

Maybe Frank Wren is reading your blog?

dan said...

Umm...I don't think that link worked, but I'm sure you're familiar with MLBTR.

III said...

Yeah, it looks like the Red Sox either aren't interested in Tex or aren't interested in moving Youk. I'm sure they have a good reason.

To me, I think its hesitation to move Youk. He brings so much to the table, and he's one of those home-grown guys that is willing to be a role-player & not just a super star. Plus, he's cheaper than Tex. Sorta like when the Yankees were a dynasty a decade ago -- Tino Martinez was greater & more important than just the sum of his stats.

BTW, yeah, David Palmer went on to grow another foot in height & be our country's first black TV President. ;) I never could get used to that name on 24, because I was always thinking of the Deuce.

Dan said...

I could definitely see why the Sox wouldn't want to move Youk. I'm pretty sure he's a great on-base type guy with some power, kind of in the same mold of Chipper Jones. That's great to have hitting in front of Manny and Ortiz, and even JD Drew. Tex would give them pure power, but don't they have that department covered already?

As a Braves fan though, I'd love to have Youk. His style of play is definitely my favorite, much more so than pure power hitting.

Lloyd said...

See now I was going to comment on how nice it was to see a football post instead of more tribute to that other inane game. But the comments just couldn't stay way from it.