Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Doogie Does Deodorant

Well done, NPH.

This got me to wondering: What would a "Doogie Howser, M.D." movie look like? Instead of writing in his computer diary it could be a blog. Maybe he could be the head of a hospital by now. Maybe he could be given some life-threatening disease that makes him question his life of upward-mobility & leads him on a quest of existential discovery. Who knows...

The big question, of course, would be whether they make Doogie gay or straight. Because NPH has come out of the closet, and maybe the writers would want to explore that as a major theme of some film. Personally, that wouldn't offend me as much as it would gross me out. Same reason I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain: it was the gross-out factor that just makes me not want to watch.


Jordan said...

Very well done commercial... and no, I don't want to explore the movie possibilities.

Lloyd said...

I didn't know that NPH was gay... he was one of my heroes when i was a kid. Overachieving smart guy; typed his insights into a computer, occasionally backspacing over the last sentence to write something more poignant or funny. I think the time for the DH movie has passed though. Also I have not seen Brokeback for the the same reason you cited. I want to be able to enjoy Batman here in a bit.