Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best of Fail Blog

I know that some of you are already aware of this site, but there is a wonderful little blog that is dedicated to celebrating the everyday failures in our lives. It is called FAIL Blog. It is absolutely hilarious.

Though, a word of warning: from time to time there will be a certain amount of perverse humor. My approach, like with a lot of things in life, is to eat it like a fish: eat the meat, and throw away the bones. It's not that I wink at the bad stuff; I just try to ignore it.

Here are some recent favorites of mine from the Fail Blog...

Secret Nuclear Bunker Fail
Orange Juice Fail
Bike Warning Fail
Geography Fail
English Translation Fail
Ferry Fail


Jordan said...

It is hard to tell on the 'ferry' fail whether people are laughing at the situation or if there are seagulls flying around. Either way... ouch!

Mark said...

I love the Failblog, though I will have to say they've been getting lazier lately. A lot more of the pictures have been obviously set up, such as labels moved to say dirty things.

III said...

I agree, Mark. They have been growing lazier.

And I also loved the seagulls, Jordan. It was like they were mocking whoever owned the truck.