Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rethinking the Power 12

You know what: the first preseason IDKWtAS Power 12 stunk. I'm doing it over. I present you with a more refined edition.

1.) Southern Cal
Another National Championship, and they've got team of the decade sewn up.

2.) Florida
I think they will grow a defense to go with that battering ram quarterback.

3.) Ohio State
They return a gob of starters, and can beat about anyone (except teams from a certain regional conference). Should be fun when they face the Trojans early, and will take my top spot if they man up & beat them.

4.) Oklahoma
This analysis isn't that hard-hitting, but I like Bob Stoops.

5.) Georgia
Lots of talent. But if you follow SEC football, Georgia always figures out a way to mess up a good thing. I'm just not a true believer yet to rank them up at the top.

6.) West Virginia
There'll be a steep decline after this season, but they still have a great offense.

7.) Missouri
A good QB can take you far, and the Tigers have one.

8.) Texas
It's not so much about the X's & the O's; it's about the Jimmy's and the Joe's. Mack Brown keeps bringing a steady stream of talent to Austin, so they should do well this season.

9.) LSU
These Tigers have everything but a good QB. They could possibly develop one & finish this high at the end of the season. Or they could wallow in mediocrity and drop to third or fourth in their conference division.

10.) Wisconsin
Under-rated every year -- sure, I'll stick them in my top 10. They may not hang around for long, though, because they get Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State in successive weeks fairly early.

11.) Clemson
Supposedly the ACC favorite. There's a decent chance they could lose their opening game of the season against a certain crimson-clad school.

12.) Auburn
Look out for the Spread Eagle offense. ;)