Friday, August 15, 2008

So Far Away

I just found out that my favorite artist is going to be only a few hours away in Montgomery, AL in a few months. My man -- Bebo Norman. His lyrics speak to my soul. He's opening for "Mercy Me" at Frazer Memorial UMC, a well-known church in central Alabama I haven't visited yet. All of this would have me there in a heart-beat except that they scheduled this thing for a SUNDAY night...

You can only imagine this, but you've gotta understand that I just went from excited elation to abject dejection in a total of about 8 seconds.

I need my readers to give me a pep talk & remind me of why its important for me to be at church that Sunday night. How its my duty to be there for my church. How such a sacrifice & offering to God will make Him smile. Either that, or one of you give me permission to flake out & go bathe myself in beautiful music. :)

I don't like to miss Sunday's.

Ahhhhhh!! I'm so torn.


Anonymous said...

haha it never hurts to ask permission, buddy! worst case scenario, they say no :)

btw that Bebo song you sent me is fantastic. what an amazing way for someone to show the love of Christ.

Even if Bebo and MM weren't going to be there, I'd still like to get out to visit Frazer at some point.

Dan said...

Ohhh, tough call! Bebo is always great. Maybe you could take some members with you and make it into a field trip or something?

III said...

"Hey, uh, church... I'd really like to skip out on my job in a couple of months to go visit this really famous Methodist church where they're going to be showcasing some instrumental Christian music that night."

Probably one of those cases where it would be easier to ask for forgiveness than it would be to ask for permission. ;)